We are the Big World Audio Theatre

... a ragtag group of musicians, artists and oddballs from Portland, Oregon who create music infused audio narratives for the whole family to enjoy together. 

Given our penchant for storytelling, whimsical songwriting, adventuring, and our desire to create something that brought the whole family together, it was only a matter of time before we crafted these elements of our lives together for something special.

So whether you are 6 or 60, we welcome you to come along and join us because adventure impatiently awaits!




What some Friendly folks are Saying!

“Makes me feel like I’m on a great Disney ride.”   -Metro Kids

“a fantastical voyage through story and song.”   -Red Tricycle

“You can practically smell the salty sea air and feel the ocean breeze ruffle your hair.”   -Seattle’s Child

“Truly remarkable... this is much more than an audio book.”  -Toy Insider

“The perfect soundtrack to your kid’s summer.”  -Noisetrade

“What a well put together musical journey!”   -A Nation of Moms

“A lovingly crafted album and physical product.”    Zooglobble

“Seriously can't get enough of this album." -Totally Full of it